The Vision

Dedication creates a pathway of success.

Prior to becoming celebrated as a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Eugene Krauss was renowned as an Aerospace Engineer. From those beginnings, he has developed an entire methodology for Joint Replacement Surgery.

Dr. Krauss remembers those beginnings: “What impressed me most about aerospace was the unbelievably high level of quality control, and the broad extent of the efficiency procedures. We were building high-tech gyroscopes to control the navigation of military jet aircraft, and they had to be, above all, absolutely fail-safe. It occurred to me even then that these measures we employed might be useful in other walks of life.” And they were.

Simply stated, the Krauss methodology sets out a Patient Care Pathway from the initial visit all the way through post-surgical rehabilitation, and each aspect, to the smallest detail, is continuously monitored for quality control and efficiency to optimize surgical outcomes.

Recognizing the imperatives of continuity of medical care, the Krauss Center team intently follows each person throughout every aspect of the experience. The team establishes and maintains a vital interface through the pre-operative, educational and pre-surgical testing process. This continues through the surgical and post-surgical phases, and then moves fully into rehabilitation, leading to a return to a healthy, active life.

And throughout, all surgical systems, techniques and standards are those developed by Dr. Krauss, specifically for the KCJR. All of this results in success rates unparalleled in America.