Remarkable outcomes. Consistent success.

It is not difficult to find a surgical center capable of routine joint replacement. But “capable” and “competent” are not words most people seek when selecting a surgical team that will have a major impact on their personal mobility for the next twenty or thirty years.

This is why over 500 successful international surgeons have recognized Dr. Eugene Krauss as their mentor in learning the arts of joint replacement. It is why the new surgery suites at Peconic Bay Medical Center represent a quantum leap forward in advanced technology. It is why the operating rooms themselves are specifically designed to deliver, in absolute terms, the safest, most efficient sterile surgical environment available anywhere in the world today.

It is as a result of this unique relationship, of outstanding performance leading to dramatically rapid recovery, that Dr. Krauss and his team of orthopedic specialists were issued a virtual carte blanche to develop this methodology. It is now a proven system to optimize the patient experience, accelerate recovery time, and ensure the remarkable outcomes of those undergoing advanced joint replacement surgery.

To learn more about the Krauss Center, please click on the Patient Experience tab, for a brief video of all that’s behind the success not only of the patients today, but of the constant drive for improvement that will impact the patients of tomorrow, next week, and next year.

It will help make clear why the Krauss Center is worlds ahead when it comes to keeping your own world in motion.