Surgical Specialties

Joint replacement is clearly a specialty in itself.

Within this sphere, there are other specialties, such as Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Advanced Joint Replacement, and Sports Medicine.

At the KCJR, we focus on Knee, Hip, and Advanced Joint replacement. We perform, record and research over a thousand such operations every single year, benefitting from new knowledge every single time. And we follow that up with the extraordinary advantages of our extensive background in Sports Medicine.

Why Sports Medicine?

Because it is rarely enough simply to understand and perform the surgery; it is critical to serve as counsel, therapist and guide before and after, to adapt the surgery to the specific problem, and to adapt the patient again to normal life as quickly as humanly possible.

Because the goal of joint replacement is not the surgery itself. It is the total recovery, the full use of the joint.

At the Krauss Joint Replacement Center, we expect nothing less.